Amazon Accountants in Canada

Selling on Amazon is no walk in the park. It takes hard work, strategic thinking, and persistence to succeed. Whether you are selling through FBA or FMA, we can help you navigate the ever-complex world of e-commerce accounting, taxation, and finances.

We Understand Your Challenges

Amazon sellers are juggling multiple priorities at once

Running Your Store

You are responsible for everything. Whether it is sourcing the products, customer service, competition (including from Amazon itself), and finding good employees. You understand the importance of managing your finances but never get a chance to get to it. Managing customers, competitors, and products takes a higher priority for your online business.

Dealing with Amazon

Amazon is changing the rules of the game on a daily basis. As great as they can be, they are also your biggest competitor, constantly copying sellers’ ideas. You know that they can unplug your business in a snap of the fingers. This love/hate relationship is keeping you up at night and you are thinking about how you can best diversify your business.


You are worried about whether your customers are happy with your products. Will they complain about the quality of your merchandise? What are you going to do with those pesky one-star reviewers who are never happy? You are striving for the Buy Box and constantly struggle with the right pricing to maximize your profits.


Putting all the numbers together is a tedious task for you. You are wondering if there is a better way to have all the numbers in one place. Speaking to your current accountant does not help. They are way behind technology and your business needs. You are willing to delegate all the accounting, but don’t know anyone you can trust.

Managing Cash Flow

It is challenging to manage all the bank accounts. You don’t fully understand if you are really making a profit on your products. How much do you have left to re-invest into marketing, new product development or buying more inventory? How much do you have left to pay yourself and your employees?

Tax Compliance

There are numerous sales and income tax requirements that you need to be aware of. Amazon FBA sellers need to track sales taxes in every state there is a nexus. You are wondering if you are compliant with ever-changing requirements. Filing income tax is also a struggle with multiple marketplaces and jurisdictions.

Accounting Services

for Amazon Sellers

We are providing expert accounting, payroll, and tax services to Canadian Amazon Sellers at every stage of their business. Be it a new seller, a growing store or an established e-commerce business. We help you concentrate on growing your store. Learn more about what Amazon Accountants can do for your business.