Shopify Accountants in Canada

You worked hard to start your Shopify store. Now you work even harder to make it a success. Whether you are a new seller or an existing owner, we can help Canadian Shopify sellers like you navigating the ever-complex world of e-commerce accounting, taxation, and finances.

We Understand Your Challenges

Shopify sellers have many balls in the air

Running Your Store

You wear many hats and are responsible for everything. Whether it is sourcing the products, customer service, competition, and finding talent. You understand the importance of managing your finances but never get a chance to get to it. Managing customers, competitors, and products takes a higher priority for your online business.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory takes a lot of your time. Processing orders, packing, shipping, and tracking takes a lion’s share of your time. You are constantly looking to automate and streamline your fulfillment processes. Selling on multiple platforms makes things even more complicated for you.


You are worried about whether your customers are happy with your products. Will they complain about the quality of your merchandise? Will they leave a negative review on their social media accounts. You are striving for brand building, maximum customer satisfaction, and minimum customer returns.


Putting all the numbers together is a tedious task for you. You are wondering if there is a better way to have all the numbers in one place. Speaking to your current accountant does not help. They are way behind technology and your business needs. You are willing to delegate all the accounting, but don’t know anyone you can trust.

Managing Cash Flow

It is challenging to manage all the bank accounts. You don’t fully understand if you are really making a profit on your products. How much do you have left to re-invest into marketing, new product development or buying more inventory? How much do you have left to pay yourself and your employees?

Tax Compliance

There are numerous sales and income tax requirements that you need to be aware of. Shopify sellers need to track sales taxes in every state there is a nexus. You are wondering if you are compliant with ever-changing tax rules and requirements. Filing income tax is also a struggle with multiple marketplaces and jurisdictions.

Accounting Services

for Shopify Sellers

We are providing expert accounting, payroll, and tax services to Canadian Shopify Sellers at every stage of their business. Be it a new seller, a growing store or an established e-commerce business. We help you concentrate on growing your store. Learn more about what Shopify Accountants can do for your business.