eCommerce Accounting Services

Designed for Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and online sellers

eCommerce Accounting Solutions

Know your numbers using the latest fintech tools

System Onboarding

We will onboard your ecom business on the modern accounting platform.

Cloud Accounting System

Monthly subscription to advanced cloud accounting system.

Account Reconciliations

All bank and credit card reconciliations on a monthly basis.

Monthly Reporting and KPI Analysis

Know where your business stands with our insights and commentary.

Multi-Channel Integrations

Consolidate sales data among multiple online selling platforms

Client Portal

Secure, fully-encrypted SharePoint client portal for exchange of financial information.

App Integrations

Integration of 3rd party accounting applications

Cost of Goods Sold

Calculate proper amounts of COGS on your financial statements

Inventory Valuation

Ensure proper inventory valuation for financial reporting

eCommerce Tax Solutions

Stay compliant with complex tax regulations

Annual Return Filings

Preparation and filing of corporate annual return filings

Corporate Tax Return

T2 preparation and filings of corporate tax returns to the CRA

Sole Proprietorship / Partnership Tax Return

T1 preparation and filings of business tax returns to the CRA

U.S. Foreign Income Tax Returns

Preparation of U.S. tax returns for your Canadian entity

GST/HST Filings

Preparation and filing of annual federal/provincial sales tax returns

Provincial Sales Tax Returns (PST/RST/QST)

Preparation of provincial sales tax filings

U.S. Sales Tax Analysis

Know your U.S. sales tax obligations for every state you sell in

Audit Assistance

We can represent you if your return is selected for an audit upon your request.

Tax Planning & Advice

We will advise on tax planning opportunities for your business in the coming years.

eCommerce Payroll Solutions

Put your employee payments and deductions on auto-pilot

Electronic Payroll

Seamless, paperless direct deposit for your employees, including periodic pay stubs.

CRA Deductions

Calculation and remittance of monthly CRA deductions before deadline.

Direct Deposit

Keep your employees happy by paying them directly into their accounts

Vacation Tracking

Be in compliance by paying and providing the right amount of vacation days

Online Portal

Let employees access their pay stubs and tax forms on a secure online portal

Time Sheets Integration

Use the latest tools to track employee hours worked

Employee vs. Contractor Analysis

Know correct tax treatment of your employees

Year-end T4/T4 Summary Filings

All government form filings prepared before the deadline.

ROE Filing

File the right forms with Service Canada for employee leaves